Testimonials of our clients


« Ce courriel pour vous remercier de votre plateforme d’envoi de courriel et du potentiel fantastique.
Je commence désormais à en connaître toutes les fonctions et je n’ai que des remerciements à vous faire autant sur les fonctions de la plateforme d’envoi de courriel ADNETIS, que votre suivi et vos réponses rapides tant par courriel que par téléphone.
Merciiiii »

Catherine Blanchard
Via Sauvagia immobilier inc.



« En faisant la transition de notre journal papier à la version électronique, le plus grand défi a été de créer une base de données d’'abonnés. Grâce au journal électronique, nous avons pu réaliser des économies appréciables en temps et en argent et en repensant notre offre aux commanditaires, nous pouvons même envisager des bénéfices qui nous permettront d'investir davantage dans l'organisation de nos activités communautaires.

Je suis enchanté du Journal et félicitations à Myriam pour son excellent travail.’ »

Serge Bertrand,
Président, Association des Résidents du Plateau



« L’excellent travail et l’expertise de l’équipe d’ADNETIS nous permettent non seulement de faire des envois efficaces (taux d’ouverture moyen de 40 %), mais aussi d’ajuster nos promotions et nos messages suite à l’analyse précise générée par leur système.

ADNETIS poursuit d’ailleurs sans arrêt le développement de ses outils de façon à s’ajuster à un monde qui est, disons-le, continuellement en changement. Le large éventail de services offerts permet de développer une campagne marketing électronique efficace sur toute la ligne, de l’approche du client jusqu’à la vente. Merci! »

Pascale Gagnon,
Directrice des communications,
Festival de montgolfières de Gatineau



Le système est beaucoup plus convivial que notre précédent, ce qui rend la production des infolettres beaucoup plus agréable. D’ailleurs, on apprécie particulièrement la compilation des statistiques. Tout va comme sur des roulettes

Pascale Castonguay,
Agente de gestion d’information et d’outils Web,
Association des collèges et universités de la francophonie canadienne (ACUFC)



L’utilisation du service de courriel ADNETIS s’est fait de façon progressive à la Sporthèque. Notre clientèle est diversifiée et leurs intérêts le sont tout aussi. De fait, il nous fallait intégrer l’envoi de courriels délicatement. Aujourd’hui, nous travaillons constamment et de plus en plus avec l’envoi de courriels par ADNETIS. La plate forme est idéale, professionnelle et nous fournit des informations pertinentes sur nos envois. Nous apprenons donc à mieux connaître les divers intérêts de nos différentes clientèles et à mieux les informer.

Pour la Sporthèque, il nous serait désormais impossible de se passer de ce système.

Alexandre Cantin
Directeur du marketing, opérations et des sports de raquettes de Sporthèque



Merci pour tout, logiciel génial!!!

Dr Toupin,
Clinique Solutions Discales



 Un petit mot pour vous dire que vos modèles de cartes de Noël ont été super utiles !
C’est un gros plus pour votre solution.

Gabriel Gervais
MS Solutions



Après l’envoi de notre première promotion, nous sommes très contents du taux d’ouverture obtenu (plus de 50%)

Cindy Ferrier
Directrice de bureau de Construction Junic


HEC Montréal

At Executive Education-HEC Montreal, we use ADNETIS’s solution to send our monthly emails since 2006. Their knowledge and professionalism guide us in the ways of proper and optimal emailing campaigns. 

Yeat after year of working with ADNETIS, the results are very positive. We are able to confirm that the work we do together produce good money. 

We have established a very good working environment with the team of ADNETIS and because they know our needs, they offer us new ways to increase our mailing list.

Carole Desjardins
Public Programs and Marketing Coordinator at HEC-Montréal



ADNETIS's advices have prevented us from making mistakes and minimize our learning curve in the development of our Newsletter 'l'Incontournable'.

After several newsletters, we are very pleased with the results and even surprised by the high level of reading rate 65% that we get. The statistics allow us to better understood the needs of our customers to help them.





Making the best decision possible regarding our advertising is one thing, being able to accurately measure its impact is another. This is exactly what Adnetis’s newsletter offers me. 

I was able to achieve concrete results in less than a week, from knowing who has read, viewed or referred my newsletters. More immediate impact turned into sales! 

Adnetis has a custom solution that can send a precise and complete communication, projecting a professional image of our company while demonstrating our range of products and services... while allowing to read in detail only the topic in demand.

Jean-Claude des Rosiers

President of Evolutel


GMS Sécurité

After the first email marketing campaign made with ADNETIS Email Marketing solution, we received nine requests submission within 24 hours

Following this success, we are currently reviewing our marketing strategy by giving more importance to email. 

Phillip Gauthier
Director Sales/Marketing at Vente/Marketing chez GMS Sécurité


Todric’s Catering

At Todric's Catering, we have a mission to offer a personalized service to each of our clients. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to inform and educate our clients on culinary trends, techniques to follow and facilitate the preparation of daily meals, important aspects related to food and also promote seasonal services. 

To help us achieve our goal, we trusted ADNETIS’s solution. We did not have the time required by the task of managing the distribution of electronic mailings and evaluating the impact of these items on our customers. ADNETIS Email Marketing solution offers these services. 

For us, Adnetis’s solution is the preferred way we chose to stay in contact with our customers. 

ADNETIS shares several values of our company. If you are looking for a dynamic and professional team, you will be more than happy to be associated with this company. 

Eric Patenaude
Owner ropriétaire de Todric’s Catering


Urgence Médicale Code Bleu

Thank you for your services, they were greatly appreciated. You have successfully managed our project very efficiently. 

In addition to getting a reading rate of over 53% on a large database, we were contacted in person by nearly 50 people on our request which is very remarkable for us

Martin Label
Director of IT Services at Urgence Médicale



We appreciate sending marketing emails with ADNETIS because their solution gives us many statistics of our customers and prospects. 

Very useful for our representatives who use them to increase their sales. 

Annick Surprenant
CEO at Thermovision



As part of the launch of the new Executive MBA program in collaboration with McGill University, we tried different communication media. 

Among all these traditional media, print and web, email marketing campaigns managed by ADNETIS provided the best results. Emails were sent to a targeted mailing list as an invitation to briefings, they generated a lot of interest. 

We are very satisfied with the results we get with the ADNETIS’s solution. 

Sophie Grenier 
Office of the Director
Information Officer, Protocol and Events at EMBA McGill – HEC Montréal


ASDE Survey Sampler

ASDE Survey Sampler finds all its customers in a very small industry and all buyers are grouped into a few well-defined associations in Canada and the USA. We wanted a marketing solution where communication takes precedence over advertising. We found the services we wanted with ADNETIS. But what convinced us of ADNETIS’s solution is the added value by a company that knows the world of marketing and information and devotes all its efforts to meet the needs of business like ours. 

For each newsletters campaigns that we send to a targeted list, we find the same feeling that ADNETIS process each request as if it were its own communications. We have been able to determine, in the past two years, a level of service and attention to detail that greatly impressed us. 

Michel Rochon
President of ASDE Survey Sampler Inc.


Mercuri International

Why can I no longer do without ADNETIS! 
Everyone knows the fundamental advantages of Adnetis’s services. Sending one email once a month focused to all my contacts (about 600), now that has a tremendous impact! 
Especially, and this is particularly my case, one third of recipients perform the magic "click" on the famous "click here to learn more " ... (and don’t get me started about real, direct sales) 

But there are also secondary benefits, those that we do not necessarily think aboutbut they can prove equally valuable. For example, ADNETIS saves me considerable time by reminding me to skip prospects that I know have low potential of purchase. 

Indeed, a newsletter sent within seconds equals (impact and image), according to my own calculations, about 200 to 300 calls! This saved time allows me to focus on other tasks and, in particular, to call really important prospects...strategic!

It is undeniable: My productivity "business development", since I use ADNETIS has greatly increased. I do not lose any prospect, since the newsletter intelligently keeps me in touch with everyone, and I focus on serious prospects, those who sign fast and big! 

Result: more sales in less time spent prospecting - not to mention a better image with the visual quality of Adnetis’s newsletters! 

Antoine Jambart
Consultant at Mercuri International



Just a quick note to congratulate you on your excellent work and say thank you. 

Within minutes after we sent this morning’s email campaign, we received congratulations from a partner and a customer took advantage of the promotional offer to buy a developer license to our online store. 

Françis Dion, President  of Xpertdoc