E-mailing service

Build customer loyalty with E-mailing service!

Emailing service is an excellent marketing strategy that allows you to retain your current customers, generate traffic to your corporate website, increase the quality of your customer service and promote your products / services. It is a great tool to learn about the interests of your clients centers to better communicate with them and therefore sell more.


Our E-mailing Begins with a Thorough Analysis of Your Needs

To have your E-mailing campaign to achieve the marketing objectives you've set, we begin our work by analyzing your needs to determine what services E-mailing to best fit your target market. Therefore, we propose a variety of newsletters which we adapt according to the graphic of your business.


Let our consultants manage your E-mailing campaign

An E-mailing campaign is not simply to send thousands of E-mails. Implement a successful E-mailing campaign requires much preparation. We must write text informative and interesting for the reader, customize individual E-mails for each recipient, intelligently manage mailing lists, etc. Our years of experience in the field of E-mailing led us to offer a complete support service; our consultants will feed your campaign with their knowledge to maximize your marketing investment.


E-mailing: quantifiable results

Our E-mailing service involves our own email marketing software to send E-mails and retrieve essential information on growing your customer base. This analysis tool allows you to study behavior of your customers based on their readings, their reactions, their responses to questionnaires and more.


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