Our email marketing platform is a great tool to better understand the interests of your clients, to better communicate with them and therefore sell better.

Easy to used!

Create, send, analyze and follow up.

Free newsletters template compatible mobile are available to create great emailing.

Our Newsletter Templates


Free account as long as you have less than 250 subscribers.


No risk, no credit card and no expiration*.

To subscribe, click the button to get your access code. Those will be send by email.

* Some features and technical support are available only for paid accounts.


Consent function anti-spam legislation!

You can manage your contacts in order to respect the anti-spam legislation with our consent function and newspaper subscriptions.

Our servers are in Canada, to better comply with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation.


Drag and Drop

Use drag and drop to create your newsletters.

Preprogrammed edit boxes allow you to create easily your layout. Add, remove and place Place the blocks where you want, change easily the order by dragging them on position wished. Almost endless possibilities.


Analyze your result!

Comprehensive statistics

Determine the open rates, click-through rates and more.

Follow individually each of your contacts and the interest they brought to your newsletters.

Follow each of your contacts beyond your newsletters onto your website.

Receive statistics directly in your inbox.


Dernières actions en temps réel

Visionnez qui lit votre bulletin en ce moment même et passez
immédiatement à l'action pour faire un suivi.

Déterminez la fréquence de vos envois en fonction
de la durée de vie de vos communications

Suivi sur le site web

Allez plus loin dans vos analyses et utilisez notre fonction de suivi sur site web qui vous permet de connaître exactement qui a visité votre site web et quelles pages un visiteur a lues.
Si vous avez GOOGLE ANALYTICS utilisez la fonction Campagne Google Analytics
en complément aux statistiques des envois.



Receive tips to improve your ROI!

Follow the recommendations given by our system, it analyzes the results obtained during your previous campaigns.

A/B Testing

Determine the best subject for your newsletter between two options by testing from a selected percentage of your contact list.    

Get better relationships with your customers by using automated mailings!

Birthday card

Faites plaisir a vos clients en pensant a eut et utiliser les cartes d’anniversaire.

Schedule mailling

Prepare your emailing in advance and select the date and time of sending. No need to rethink it.

Lead management

Helps you to manage your customer and prospects relationships for individual and targeted communication carried over several weeks, months or years.

Pre-schedule at a later date followed by a sequence of reminders and customers or prospects for follow-up messages.

Outlook application for ADNETIS

You are using Outlook. This application is for you!
From Microsoft Outlook on your PC, it can add a contact to your mailing lists on the email marketing platform ADNETIS.

Details & installation


Send newsletter in multiple languages!

Send your newsletter in English and French in one click.

Get combined tracking statistics whatever the languages.

Edit your bilingual newsletter side-by-side to ensure greater consistency.


Add secondary pages for free!

Split your content into different sections when one page is not enough.

Add videos, Flash modules and forms through to the secondary pages.

Track the time a contact takes to read your secondary pages.


Post your newsletters on social networks!

Increase your diffusion capacity and save time.

Create and publish your newsletters on your social network pages in a few clicks.

Integration and API!

Facilitate the management of your contacts. Modules who integrate into your website for subscribe to your newsletters. CMS compliant.

We have an API that enables synchronization between your CRM and our platform.

Use the platform on your own label by using the functions of the API.